Oil Replacement

You can both fuel your vehicle and use additional services
for oil and special liquid replacement at our Helios petrol stations.

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Our mini-mart employees will provide expert consultation for selection of all expendables for oil and special liquid replacement in strict compliance with world brand catalogues. Replacement of all types of oil and special liquids will be carried out by qualified oil replacement operators through utilisation of highly-technological German equipment. We offer special wash oil for oil system flushing to ensure cleanliness of your engine. Special vacuum equipment will remove even so-called “sludge” that enables to avoid deposits at the bottom of the accumulator. Should you have your own oil, our specialists will provide chargeable service (where oil replacement operator is not responsible for your oil quality). You will be able to save time and protect yourself from acquisition of non-quality products by using our services at mini-marts and oil replacement stations.

You will be able to acquire the following products in our mini-marts:
— filters (fuel, oil, air);
— engine oil;
— gear oil;
— cooling liquid (antifreeze);
— brake fluid;
— windscreen washer;
— as well as a wide range of auto care products and auto accessories.

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Should you have any complains or suggestions
with regard to our employee service at oil replacement stations,
please call us on 8 (727) 259 05 68 ext 1933

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Save your time. Please contact our specialists and obtain expert oil replacement advice that will best suit your vehicle.

Oil Replacement Services

— Oil and filter replacement in engine (free with oil and filter purchase in petrol station mini-mart);
— Oil replacement in automatic gearbox;
— Oil replacement in manual gearbox;
— Oil replacement in EPHS;
— Oil replacement in the bridge;
— Cooling liquid replacement;
— Air filter replacement;
— Fuel filter replacement.

Brief service description:

1. You will receive expert goods advice in petrol station mini-mart;
2. Your will purchase required products in petrol station mini-mart;
3. Oil replacement personnel at petrol station will flush your car engine and replace oil* and filter for free.

*in the event of oil and filter purchase in petrol station mini-mart.