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Helios network includes both petrol stations and a network of mini-marts at petrol stations with their corporate culture: external features – common style and colour and personnel uniform; internal features – common views, ideas, company employee values and attention to customers.


We operate petrol station mini-mart format and offer affordable prices, stable and balanced product range and convenience for purchases to our customers at petrol stations. Our mini-marts operate 24 hours 7 days a week.

Our current network includes 255 mini-marts. 69 mini-marts are in Almaty City and Almaty Oblast. 186 mini-marts are in the regions.

There is a wide range of global brand products in mini-marts. The product range includes over 900 commercial and product group goods including wide choice of periodicals and newspapers, CDs, glasses, car accessories, baby products and personal care products. In addition to pleasant purchasing experience at petrol stations we are pleased to offer “snacks” (pastry, light snacks, such as hot dog etc), beverages, hot drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate made at professional coffee machine. Helios network would like to introduce Private Label project – sale of Helios branded products targeted at drivers’ needs. Wet towels absorbed with cleaning solution for drivers became the first product in the project. Helios brand products include personal care products and car accessories as well as a wide range of aromatizes and food products.

Private Label products comply with international standards and have been certified by State Technical Regulation System in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Helios brand products are marked by high quality and another significant factor – affordable price. It is also worth noting their unconventional design: majority of products do not have analogues in Kazakhstan market.

You can view our Helios Private Label product range on our website and purchase in petrol station mini-marts in each region in Kazakhstan.

We focus on mini-mart customer service in our activity. Mini-mart personnel pay attention to buyers’ requirements and help to select goods through additional and expert consultation. Personnel are interested in quality and efficient customer service.

Free service – oil and filter replacement – becomes additional advantage to acquisition of required goods at petrol stations.

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Наши товары

Our goods

Should you have any complaints or
suggestions with regard to our outlet service personnel,
please call us on 8 (727) 259 05 68 ext. 1933
е-mail: azhagparov@helios.kz
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