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Our network of petrol stations has the largest number of branches in Kazakhstan: 270 petrol stations in 67 residential areas. We will add another 100 stations for your convenience in near future.

Helios Petrol Station Network sells the following types of oil products:

Unleaded petrol of the following grades:
80 RON, 92 RON, 95 RON, 98 RON, Prime 95, Premium 95 and Super 98
Fuel for diesel engines of the following grades:
S-0,05-62, S-0,05-40 (summer) Б-ПЗ-0,2 minus 25, А-ПЗ-0,2 minus 30 (with decreased pour point)

Oil products from three Kazakhstan oil refineries are represented in Kazakhstan market: Pavlodar, Shymkent, Atyrau as well as Russia, Belarus and Finland.
High petrol quality, personnel courtesy and efficiency, 24 hour operation of petrol stations and convenient payment procedure help promote expansion of petrol station network through attraction and retention of a large number of permanent customers.
Helios LLP is pleased to offer one of the latest developments – automated petrol station (APS) – that became significant event in company activity in 2009. It is situated in Almaty City at the following address: Rayimbek Street, toward east of Bokeykhanov Street. This APS is not only the first one in the network, but also in Kazakhstan. This is the first station that functions without cashiers and refuelling operators which enables to fuel the vehicle independently and minimise APS maintenance costs. Payment for fuel is made through payment terminal equipped with cash acceptance device for operator-free operation and BONUS-CARD reader. The product range at this APS includes three types of fuel: 98 RON petrol, 95 RON petrol and 92 RON petrol. Vehicle fuelling will take no more than 3 minutes.
Helios plans to open APS both in Almaty and other regions of Kazakhstan in future. We are continuously working on new projects and introduction of such innovation as APS will help us make a step forward toward state-of-the-art technology application.

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Helios Petrol Station Map

Should you have any complaints
or suggestions with regard to service
of our employees at petrol stations,
please call us on 8 (727) 259-62-47
е-mail: vpolovinkin@helios.kz


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