Petrol Station Equipment

Petrol Pump

Helios uses Dresser Wayne AB German Brand equipment at their petrol stations. Dresser Wayne AB is a global leader in fuel industry.
Why petrol pumps from Dresser Wayne?
Dresser Wayne AB petrol pump maintenance and service at Helios petrol stations will enable consumers to obtain ideal combination: high quality, reliability, rigidity and functionality.

Petrol pumps also respond to sharply continental climate requirements in Kazakhstan with temperature range from (–40) to (+50) оС.

All Dresser Wayne petrol pump models in Helios LLP petrol stations have been tested by KazInMetr HUG and have certificates and registration from State Measurement Register.

Helios together with Dresser Wayne AB specialists have been providing service personnel training since April 2000. All specialists who have completed training passed internship and received certificates and high grades.

Petrol Station Management SystemsTRK2_

Petrol station management systems at Helios LLP petrol stations comply with latest requirements of RoK Tax Code and strict requirements of fast-growing oil product market.
Helios LLP uses Master Soft Wizard software and hardware (IPS, Latvia) at their petrol stations that includes both POS and BOS.  This range will enable to introduce the whole product turnover chain in a single software application both for fuels and combustibles and goods and services at petrol stations.

Introduction of oil product and goods movement data transfer system based on Master Soft Wizard has enabled to achieve absolute control and transparency of goods storage and sale processes even at remote petrol stations online.

Helios together with IPS company specialists has been providing regular training for service specialists and company personnel since March 2002. Specialists pass special internship after training and receive training certificates.