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It is not a secret to anyone that vehicles pollute environment. Vehicles account for 80% of toxic substances in major cities.  But science moves on and scientists developed means for emission reduction through additives. They are used in all developed countries of the world. Fuel at Helios petrol stations contains such useful additives. We also do not sell petrol that contains harmful metal-containing additives for octane number maximisation.

Our petrol stations sell both summer and winter types of diesel fuel. Summer diesel fuel may be used at temperature from minus 10°С to minus 16°С. Winter diesel fuel may be used at temperature to minus 25°С. We were the first company to launch EcoForce project to protect environment in Kazakhstan.

Since 2004 our clients have been using fuel that protects engine from corrosion, removes deposits, and ensures full fuel combustion and reduced spent gas volume due to BASF additive. BASF German brand is a global leader in manufacturing of fuel additives.

The following types of fuel are sold at Helios petrol station network:


Euro-5 European Emission Standard Fuel

95 Our company has been selling Premium 95 petrol since 23rd December 2011. This petrol is sold at 6 petrol stations in Almaty City and 1 petrol station in Astana City. This petrol is manufactured by leading oil refinery in Belarus – Mozyr Oil Refinery that meets Euro-5 standard
super98 The company has been selling Super 98 petrol at petrol station No 8 in Almaty City since 13th April 2012 (Temiryazev Street – toward east of 8b Baytursynov Street). This petrol is manufactured by one of the leading oil refineries in Finland – Neste Oil and meets strict Euro-5 emission standard requirements.

Main advantages of Euro-5 Emission Standard Fuel:

    • Better engine susceptibility at acceleration and maximum developed speed
    • Lack of detonation (piston knock) with any engine revs
    • Reduced fuel consumption
    • Maximum fuel compliance with car computer settings
    • Minimum sulphur content that prevents engine and car tank corrosion
    • Lack of harmful high octane additives
    • Reduced toxic substances in exhaust gases

    *manufacturer-recommended fuel should be used for efficient car operation.

New Brand Fuel— prime 95

fuel with friction modifier will enable to increase production capacity and  reduce fuel
consumption to 10% (1000 km = 1100 km)

The following is recommended to achieve full efficiency:
fuel tank to minimum ¾ of total volume;

Regular use of Prime 95 presents all fuel advantages and improves engine operation resources.
Fuel filter should be replaced to ensure continuous operation.

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Description of fuel sold at Helios petrol stations

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