Vehicle Fleet

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Компания «Гелиос» использует передовую технологию и экологически безопасное оборудование и располагает лучшими современными бензовозами российского, немецкого и китайского производства, отвечающими требованиям по перевозке опасных грузов.


The carriers are equipped with steam disposal system that prevents harmful emissions into atmosphere. They are also equipped with multi-section tank that includes from two to five individual sealed sections that enable to deliver up to five types of oil products at the same time.

The carriers are designed for 203 hazard class oil product transportation. The carrier volume ranges from 2200 to 37900 litres.

 The company has a fleet of 206 carriers for fuel transportation.

Our fleet received new carriers that meet EURO-2 emission standards in 2008.

Qualified specialists and foremen provide carrier fleet maintenance. These specialists and foremen are highly proficient and have expert knowledge of dangerous goods transportation.

Our drivers who transport dangerous goods have 5 and over years’ experience.

Transportation department foremen provide high quality carrier maintenance on a timely basis.

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