Please use Helios smart-card to fuel your vehicle, purchase goods in mini-marts, obtain car wash and oil replacement service at Helios petrol stations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Smart-card is a plastic card with an electronic wallet. You will not have to pay for anything in cash if using smart-card.
Each smart-card has a PIN-code for security purposes.

Litre wallet is a smart-card account that demonstrates certain volume and range of fuels and combustibles.

Money wallet is a smart-card account that has monetary amount that you can use to fuel your vehicle with any type of fuel, purchase goods in mini-marts at petrol stations and use Helios oil replacement and car wash services at actual prices at time of sale of fuels, goods and services.

Topping Up your Litre/Money Wallet

If your wallet is empty, you can top it up based on the application form.

If you lose your smart-card you will have block your card for security purposes by submitting a written application form to Customer Service department at place of issue. Our employees will transfer the balance from the lost smart-card to a newly issued one.

Daily or monthly limit may be set on the smart-card if required. You will also be able to receive detailed transaction reports at petrol station for one or all smart-cards which provides additional benefits for a company car fleet or several family vehicles!

You will be able to do the following by using Helios smart-card:

* Obtain service at any Helios petrol station throughout Kazakhstan.

* Pay at any Helios petrol station for any type of fuel and goods in petrol station mini-marts as well as oil replacement and car wash services with smart-card.

* Receive a detailed transaction report for petrol stations where you used your smart-cards.

* Save funds and time for transportation to our office to top up smart-cards!

You need to send us an application form in writing by fax or email. Our employees will send you an invoice for advance payment. Smart-card will be topped up remotely after payment, that is, automated smart-card topping up is available without direct submission to our office and it does not matter what region of Kazakhstan you are currently in!