We strive to assist residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan in solution of social issues.

Helios Petrol Stations introduced Care Bonus Program in 2004.
Veterans and Participants of the Great Patriotic War and domestic front workers, Afghanistan war participants, Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor emergency response team as well as I and II group disabled people may purchase petrol at Helios Petrol Stations with a significant discount.

How to obtain Care Bonus Card?

Please bring the following documents to Bonus-Centre to receive Care Bonus Card:
— Identity Document/Certificate that confirms the right to claim benefits;
— Title Deeds for Vehicle (Technical Certificate, Power of Attorney);
— Identity Document and Driver’s License.

Terms and Conditions of Care Bonus Card

— You may purchase fuel with 20 000 monthly discount. Your card limit is renewed automatically (from the 2nd date of each month).

— Please inform the cashier that you have Care Bonus Card. Please show your card together with cash amount at the till. Otherwise you may not be able to use this discount.

— Fuel your vehicle only after payment at the cashier’s till.

— Do not ask to fill full tank, as amount of payment for filled tank may exceed card limit amount. In this case you will not be able to receive discount.

— Do not leave your card at the cashier’s till. Petrol Station cashier-operator has to return card and receipt that will show payment amount and discount.

— We recommend you to keep card transaction receipts until the end of current month.

— Please make sure that you have a card prior to car fuelling, otherwise you will not be able to receive discount.

— If your card is faulty (cannot be read by cash system), you will not be able to receive discount. In this case please address Bonus Centre in your city to get a new card. Replacement cost for Care Bonus Card is 200 KZT.

— In the event of card loss or theft, please contact Bonus Centre and inform of theft/loss for card blocking. Company shall not be liable for transactions of the card holder before this statement.