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Advertising on Monitors

Do you have a product or service designed for men and women of 18 years old and older? Then our TV promotion advertising program (Target Vision Plus) will be of interest to you. You will be able to promote your brand effectively through local TV network of Helios Petrol Station Network. Hundreds of thousands of drivers at petrol stations will see your videos. As a rule, this is the most active target group from the point of view of sales.

Our network is expanding every year and offers a large number of associated services, such as, instant payment terminals, ATMs, cafes, service stations and shops. Advertising at petrol stations with a large customer stream is in high demand. TV+ program may help to promote your goods and services and through minim-market network at Helios Petrol Stations. Monitors are placed in Petrol Station shops over the cashier’s till.

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 Advantages of Helios Petrol Station Monitor Advertising

— Wide target audience coverage;
— High frequency of video sessions: 250-300 times a day;
— Coverage of audience who rarely watch TV;
— Petrol Station Advertising near commercial, business or residential regions;
— Your product sales promotion in mini-marts; — Hours of Monitor Operation: from 08:00 to 24:00;
— Dolby Surround 5.1 sound system; — 200 monitors in Kazakhstan

Helios Petrol Station External Advertising

Please place your advertising on Helios Petrol Station billboards. Compared to boards at the side of the road, advertising at petrol stations takes significantly longer – 5-10 minutes instead of 30 seconds. Every vehicle visits petrol station several times a week – a number of views is high which means that people will remember advertising better. Driver and passengers are not closely watching the road and can see your advertising better.

Advantages of External Advertising at Helios Petrol Stations:

— Wide coverage within short timeframe
— Geo-targeting throughout the country and in separate regions
— High frequency of audience contact with your advert
— Large format of dual light-boxes— 2,4mХ1,8m.

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Please contact us on the following numbers if you have any questions with regard to Helios Petrol Station Advertising:
Теl: (727) 258 37 44
Fax: (727) 259 62 47

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