WINDSHIELD Washer fluid   made in EU

Designed for washing windscreen and headlights during winter Ensures grass (fibreglass) transparency quickly and efficiently Ensures effective ice removal under -10°С to -40°С. Neutral to various types of sealants and varnish Does not contain methanol, phosphates and is biologically neutral. Has a pleasant smell.

Antifreeze AG11


Designed for all-year-round utilisation in any cooling systems Contains highly effective carboxyl-cooling additives that ensure stability of antifreeze properties for 5 years. Has thermally stable properties and protects from scale formation.


ANTIGEL   made in EU

Designed based on unique technology and prevents paraffin crystal formation in diesel fuel under low temperature. Diesel fuel fluidity through the filter is increased due to antigel activity. Antigel prevents filter and fuel pipe plugging. Full combustion without ash deposit formation


HELIOS cigarette lighters

Helios lighter has a coloured body. They have stylish design and high quality. Soft button and sophisticated colour range provide you with great pleasure from using these lighters.


Helios towing cable

Towing cable has been manufactured from high quality materials. Cable rigidity has been designed for 5 ton vehicles (5 m in length). The cable consists of strong multi-thread ropes with two clasps sold in a convenient packaging


HELIOS scrapers

Small scraper is convenient for cleaning snow and ice from windscreen and bumper. It is convenient and does not leave scratches.


HELIOS car boot organiser

Car boot organiser is required to all those who need to know exact location of torch, cigarette lighter, windscreen washer, pump, umbrella and other useful substances in the vehicle. Organiser can be opened quickly – it has multiple compartments and pockets to store goods and may be placed along and across the car boot.


HELIOS windscreen washer

Helios windscreen washer is a liquid designed to remove dirt from windscreen. Liquid is sprayed through special nozzles and cleaned by windscreen wipers. Helios windscreen washers do not freeze. They do not leave marks and are not aggressive to rubber parts of the vehicle. There are two types of windscreen washers for different seasons: summer and winter with range from -10 to -4 are sold in various volumes.


HELIOS aromatizers

Helios aromatizers remove unpleasant smell in the car and improve concentration. Company range includes liquid, hard and dry aromatizers.


HELIOS synthetic suede

Synthetic suade for efficient and delicate daily care. Accurately accumulates dirt and water both from body surface and windscreen. It acts like a sponge. It does not leave marks. It is designed for multiple use. It can be washed in a washing machine. Packaging will allow to keep suede in clean form in the car boot.


500А HELIOS starter cable

Starter cable is designed to start engine with empty battery from another vehicle.


HELIOS emergency stop sign

Helios emergency stop sign is an equal triangle made from reflecting red planes in a convenient box. Each driver has to have an emergency stop sign in the vehicle according to road traffic rules. Emergency stop sign is mandatory for inspection.


Helios wet towels

Stylish wet towels for drivers absorbed with cleaning solution. Apple, melon and other aromas on offer.

Helios handkerchiefs

Soft convenient single-use handkerchiefs. We are currently manufacturing only one type of handkerchiefs. They have firm three-layer structure that ensures their reliability. 10 handkerchiefs in a pack.


Helios dry tissues

Soft, pleasant and firm tissues with high absorption properties are handy to have both at home, office and vehicle.


Helios Adhesive Tape

Irreplaceable product in day-to-day activity in present day. It is currently manufactured with a transparent tape on a colourless adhesive basis.


Helios working gloves

Helios hand protection products correspond to European standard requirements. They have been tested and have Kazakhstan Quality Compliance Certificate. Our gloves have high quality and high protection properties. They are often used for spare wheel replacement and small car repairs.


Helios periodicals

Our periodicals range is designed to assist in various life situations on the roads in Kazakhstan, namely, Highway Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, First Aid Manual, Kazakhstan Road Map, Kazakhstan Guide, Almaty and Almaty Oblast Map, Almaty Express Card. They will also help the diver on the roads in Kazakhstan – to provide first aid assistance to the injured, get oriented in Kazakhstan, where to go and have a break.


Private Label Project Range is constantly expanding and we are always pleased to offer Helios quality products to car owners and drivers.


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