Company Information

Helios (Greek: Helios) is God of the Sun. Personification of solar strength as a global vital principle. It transects the sky in a golden carriage during the day and moves to rise across the sea at night.

Clear sky, good and dry road conditions, full tank and happy company – what else is needed to a driver for a pleasant trip!

Of course, fuelling with high quality fuel that will be always along the route shining in clear sky and sun. We are a network of Helios petrol stations and are happy to welcome you to our website and petrol stations.
You can find out more about what we can do for you to make sure your trips are successful and you do not meet difficulties at petrol stations and are happy with fuel quality.

Our petrol station network has the largest number of branches in Kazakhstan: 270 petrol stations in 67 residential areas.
Helios was founded on 27th September 1999 and is engaged in retail sale of fuels and combustibles in Kazakhstan.

A number of permanent customers is growing continuously every year and fuel quality is of paramount importance for them.

Helios attitude to environment

We would like to provide clear air and operational engines! We created new types of EcoForce petrol and diesel fuel in the CIS to protect environment and ensure incident free operation of your vehicle.
Since 2004 our customers have been using fuel that protects engine from corrosion, removes deposits and ensures full fuel combustion and reduced spent gas volume due to BASF additive.

Our Strategy

Our goal is to create the most contemporary network of multi-functional petrol stations in Kazakhstan. We have set the following tasks to expand network and develop business:
— develop convenient petrol station infrastructure for Clients (with car wash service, oil replacement service, mini-marts, cafes and maintenance eservice) in all regions of Kazakhstan;
— offer high quality goods and services;
— be one step ahead of competitors and use this advantage at uncovered regions